What are some traits of Moose in Al Capone Does My Shirts?

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The most prominent trait that Moose displays is his attitude of compassion and sympathy toward his sister, Natalie. Qualities such as protectiveness and caring are common for a brother to feel toward his sister, but what makes Moose’s relationship with Natalie unique is that Natalie is autistic. Instead of resenting the challenges and conflicts that come with this, Moose is consistently compassionate toward his sister. Even though things aren’t ideal after Natalie is rejected from the Esther P. Marinoff School, Moose is able to deal with his negative emotions and adjusts fairly quickly to having Natalie tagging along with him. He is definitely protective of his sister, but within the context of Natalie’s autism, this takes on a different meaning—it means knowing how to calm her down when she’s overwhelmed, divert her attention from things that scare her, and stand up for her in situations where she isn’t able to stand up for herself. Moose’s compassionate attitude is the...

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