In To Kill a Mockingbird, what are traits Miss Maudie admires and dislikes.

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writergal06 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While the novel doesn't furnish a set list of qualities that Miss Maudie admires or dislikes, we can draw some clear conclusions.

We can say with some confidence that Miss Maudie dislikes judgemental attitudes and hypocrisy. One way we arrive at this conclusion is from her explanation of different religious denominations, as well as her opinion of the women that gossip. Miss Maudie shows sympathy for and defends the Radley family, adding to the assumption that she dislikes when other judge. We can assume that she dislikes prejudice. Miss Maudie expresses sympathy for Tom Robinson and supports Atticus throughout the trial process. 

Based on her friendship with Atticus and the children, and her conversations with Scout, we can also conclude that there are certain traits Miss Maudie admires. She seems to admire integrity, seen in her praise of Atticus. We could also say that she admires genuineness and individuality, seen in her friendship with Scout and candid conversations with her. Finally, Miss Maudie seems to admire humor and charm, seen in her relationship with Uncle Jack.

Throughout the novel, Miss Maudie appears to be an accepting individual, very open towards others. However, she looks for others to approach society with the same amount of openness and individuality, and is displeased with those who do not. 

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