What traits does Harrison Bergeron have?

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rmhope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For every quality of physical or mental excellence Harrison Bergeron possesses, there is a corresponding handicap that he must wear to bring his abilities down to the level of the "average" person so that all members of the society can be equal. Thus, because he is wonderfully handsome, he has to wear a "rubber-ball nose" to make him look like a clown and black caps on his teeth. Because he is highly intelligent, he must wear not just a "little mental handicap radio in his ear," but a "tremendous pair of earphones." He also wears eyeglasses that would cause headaches and interfere with his vision to further hamper his intellect. Instead of a simple bag of birdshot around his neck like his father wears, he has scrap metal hanging all over him because he is so strong and powerful. He is seven feet tall, and there is nothing the handicappers can do to hide that. He is also non-compliant, which creates a problem for his dystopian keepers. He can dance gracefully while hovering in the air. Despite Harrison's god-like attributes, he is not impervious to bullets, succumbing easily to Diana Moon Glampers' "double-barreled ten-gauge shotgun." 

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