What are the traits of the common man?  Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The common man of ancient Rome during the time of Julius Caesar was referred to as a plebians.  He differed from the patricians who were able to hold public office; the plebian was also not allowed to marry any of the patrician class.  Many plebians worked as artisans.  Also among the common man of the time of Caesar were freedmen, who had a form of Latin Right; in addition, their children were free citizens who had the right to vote, unlike their parents.  But, the freedmen were among the lower classes of the plebians.  While most of the freedman were farmers or tradesmen, some did engage in commerce, and many were civil servants who became very wealthy.  There were also many foreigners in Rome, who had a form of Roman citizenship, but they were not allowed to vote. 

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