Identify a character trait for Mr. Hoodhood, and an example to support this trait in The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt.

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Mr. Hoodhood, Holling's father, is ambitious and self-interested. For example, he is an architect who wants to win a bid from Baker's Sporting Emporium, a store belonging to the family of Mrs. Baker, Holling's English teacher. Each night before Walter Cronkite broadcasts the news on TV, Mr. Hoodhood asks Holling how things are going with Mrs. Baker. Mr. Hoodhood's intent is not to inquire how Holling is doing in school; he doesn't really care. Instead, he only wants his son to please his teacher so he, Mr. Hoodhood, can win an architect's contract with Mrs. Baker's family's store. 

Mr. Hoodhood is also a perfectionist. For example, he becomes upset when the gutters overflow and stain the corners of their house, which Holling refers to as the "Perfect House" because his father is so obsessive about keeping it perfectly maintained. The stain on the roof of the ceiling of the Perfect Living Room also makes him ballistic. Mr. Hoodhood is the type of cold person who cares more about his...

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