What tragic flaws does Creon show in his talking with Haemon in Antigone? What does Creon say about Ismene?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Antigone, Creon is angry with Haemon because Haemon comes to him to try to persuade him to free Antigone.  Haemon has tried to appeal to his father's ego which seems to work at first; however, Creon sees through Haemon's pleas.  Creon tells his son that Antigone has been able to control him and says that he as the king will not be undone by a woman.  He also decides to exert an act of revenge upon his son by telling him that he will have to watch Antigone's death.  So in this scene, Creon exhibits the tragic flaws of hubris and wrath:  Creon is too proud to admit that he may be wrong in his actions, deciding instead that he will not be shown up by a woman, and he states that he plans to get back at his son for challenging his authority.

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Does anyone understand that when we ask a question, we want an answer. Not a whole summary of the story we can't understand. So please, answer the dang question please.