Louis Mountbatten

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To what tradition does Lord Mountbatten link Jinnah and Gandhi? 

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I think that Lord Mountbatten was able to connect the modern leaders of the Indian subcontinent to a modern political tradition that was pragmatic in its understanding.  Mountbatten was practical enough to understand that Gandhi's view of a completely united India was impossible in the modern setting.  As the bedrock of British control was being lifted, it was become increasingly clear that the traditional lens of "Hindustan" had to be removed in viewing affairs in the subcontinent.  Mountbatten understood, rather quickly, that the new philosophy that leaders like Gandhi and Jinnah must be arranged to marry a modern tradition in which individual nations emerged out of the subcontinent.  This was modernist in thought, as it completely shifted the previous understanding that was held.  It was this modernist and practical mode of thought that leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, and Jinnah were forced to embrace.  Mountbatten's efforts were critical in forcing this alliance, something that to this day, still exacts vigorous debate and discourse around India.

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