Rewind Questions and Answers
by William Warner Sleator III

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How do I describe the setting of Rewind? In what time and town does the story take place?

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Published in 1999, Rewind is a story which contains enough details to assume that the main character, Peter, lives in a typical (though fictional) American town during modern times.

When describing the setting of this science-fiction story, however, you could take the focus off the typical time/place aspect of setting, and instead describe the life versus death settings.  Describe Peter's view of himself when he is alive (misunderstood, unappreciated) and compare it to how his perspective changes in death (he misses his body, the taste of toothpaste, etc).  The book itself takes an interesting twist on the idea of a concrete setting compared to an unknown, more ethereal one.  Understand that an partially abstract answer is completely appropriate here, because the setting of this book is partially abstract.

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