In what town was Macduff from Shakespeare's Macbeth born?

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Shakespeare never specifies exactly where Macduff was born, but, since he's identified as the Thane of Fife, we can assume that he was accordingly born in Fife. While the location of his birth is never discussed at length, it's worth noting that Macduff's birth is of vital importance to the plot of Macbeth. The Weird Sisters predict Macbeth cannot be killed by one born of woman, which initially seems to be a pretty solid indication of Macbeth's safety. During his final battle with Macbeth, however, Macduff reveals he was not technically "born of woman," but was actually delivered through a cesarean operation, meaning he was cut out of his mother's womb. Thus, Macduff is not actually "born of woman," meaning he can defeat the tyrannical Macbeth on the battlefield. 

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