In The Pearl what is the town of La Paz humming about early the next morning?itsThird losomewhen chapter 4 of the book

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pirateteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

InThe Pearl,Coyoito, son of Kino and Juana, is wounded by a scorpion.  The parents take their son to a local doctor for aid, but the doctor looks down on their race and refuses to help them claiming he is a doctor, not a vet.

Convinced that they need o ind enough money to persuade the doctor to help their son, they decide they must find a pearl.  Kino dives into the ocean and finds a pearl so large that it becomes known as The Pearl of the World.

By the next morning all of La Paz has heard of Kino's pearl.  Kino begins to plan out all the ways the pearl will change his family of the good, but their neighbors are already jealous of his good luck.