What are the touches of humor in the play, Everyman?

Expert Answers
kevinkirk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, Everyman does not start at the beginning of a man's life, but starts at the end of a man's life- his death and 'last judgement'. 

'Everyman does not recognize Death when they are even face to face' and Everyman asks what messenger he is even after he tells him he must give a reckoning. Everyman stresses and he says  that he needs more time to 'clean up some things' so to speak.

More 'comic elements occur when his friends, Fellowship, Kindred, Cousin, Goods, and later on Knowledge, Beauty, Strength, Discretion, and Five Wits give excuses and abandon him.' For example, 'Cosyn'  gives a flimsy excuse and explains that Everyman will have to go alone because he has cramp in his toe. Another example is even though Fellowship, Kindred, and Cousin feel sorry for him, Goods does not.  When he hears about Everyman's dlimmea he 'changes his tune.' When Everymanblames Goods for deceiving him, Goods remins him that he brought on everything himself and ridicules him.

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