What topics/themes do reality television shows explore?I'm doing a task on reality tv and my teacher wont help,so I'm trying this way.  Please tell me as soon as possible.   thank you

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Reality shows are designed to explore themes in "real time," adding to both the thematic authenticity, as well as the nature of the show.  One such theme is the conflict of individuals vs. community.  The idea of shows such as "Big Brother" or "Charm School" help to display the notion of individuals poised between balancing the demands of the social setting of their colleagues set against commitment to their own notions of personal good.  Another theme that can be seen in the "Survivor" or "Fear Factor" type of show would be the idea of strength through adversity.  This theme helps to display the idea of how an individual faces difficult conditions and rises to overcome them.  In shows where some type of morality is revealed, the theme at play is the idea of being true to oneself.  Naturally, the theme of emotional attachment to other is explored in shows such as "The Real World," where the navigation through this emotional minefield is the overwhelming challenge.   Whether or not the shows intend to explore this thematic development is debatable as opposed to whether the shows are actually geared towards generating more interest, greater sponsorship, and more financial gain.

rshaffer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to answer this question effectively think about the reality shows that exist today such as Survivor, The Bachelor, Big Brother, etc.  Although these shows are different in some aspects, they all have the same theme of socialization.  People need to work as a unit in order to accomplish the end goal, the ultimate prize.  The irony of these realities shows, however, is that they also expose the theme of "survival of the fittest" by eventually pitting the same people who once had to work together against each other.  I hope this helps with your assignment.

wickedfabala | Student

I think it would be the stupidity of some people and what some won't do for money/fame, to over come a challenge, or to show off a talent,


hope this helps some :D