A Death in the Family Questions and Answers
by James Agee

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What topics should I research for a research paper about A Death in the Family by James Agee?

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I have changed your topic from "Literature" to "A Death in the Family." This will give you access to an abundance of information on James Agee's autobiographical novel in the enotes study guide, including a chapter-by-chapter summary of the book. The best source of research information in the study guide is under "A Death in the Family Analysis." This section contains a long bibliography of books and articles on James Agee, the novel, and related works. In the reference links below, I have shown just a few of the enotes sections worth consulting. Some of the books listed in the enotes bibliography for A Death in the Family contain more extensive bibliographies. If you read through the enotes "Summary" and "Analysis" you should find a single topic on which you want to focus. You should also consult on your computer eNotes' "A Death in the Family Homework Help Questions."

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