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What topic should I write about and what exactly should I say?


  • Choose a case of intercultural communication around the topic of immigration issues, identity crisis, gay rights, racial relations, interracial marriage, international conflict/violence, religious dispute, media representation, cultural adaptation, etc. Provide specific information about the case in terms of time, place, development, background, and different perspectives on the case.
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    If you are going to write a paper on the above prompt, there is much freedom to choose a topic. I would say that you should choose a topic that most interests you. After you choose a topic you will need to formulate a thesis statement. A good thesis statement should have good supporting evidence. Let me offer an example.

    If you are going to write on racial relations, then you would need to have a thesis that surrounds race. It can be something as simple as racism still exists in an enlightened country in America. To make this into a successful thesis, you would need good supporting evidence. In other words, why do you think this? At this point, you may say that there is a big discrepancy in college admissions, uneven pay scale in the work place, and biases in the media. Finally, a great thesis also is able to anticipate counter-arguments and address them.

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