In Animal Farm, which topic divided the animals and which pig was for, and which was against, the concept?

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Animal Farm begins with a vision of an ideal state where animals will live in harmony without the interference of Man, because "all animals are equal." Almost immediately, conditions are attached to the meaning of being equal as the wild animals, the rats and rabbits and the birds are questionably equal. Despite the beginnings of undesirable events, such as the milk being reserved for the pigs, and disagreement between Snowball and Napoleon as to how to manage the farm, things go quite smoothly. The sheep are content with something they can understand, "Four legs good, two legs bad," and accept the issues of the milk and apples as "brain" food for the pigs.

At the Battle of the Cowshed, Snowball is a hero and risk from the humans is minimized. Snowball and Napoleon disagree more regularly on the defence of the farm. The building of the windmill is the most controversial issue of all which will, in fact, lead to Snowball being chased off the farm. Snowball's vision of power generated by the windmill and an ideal existence is very different from Napoleon's vision of power and control. Napoleon believes the animals must become more productive to be successful. The animals are confused by these opposing views and are deeply divided. Despite Snowballs' passionate speech, he is no match for the power-hungry Napoleon, who instills fear in the animals by setting the dogs on Snowball, who is never seen again.     

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