What are  the top ten ways to go to sleep?

wnathan | Student

There are many things you can do to help your body relax. The following are only some things that will help aid in your sleep process.

1. avoid food high in protein prior to bedtime. Protein contains elevated levels of tyrosine, which can keep you awake. 

2. Don't exercise in the three hours prior to bedtime. While it is VERY good to exercise, you should do so earlier in the day because exercise invigorates you and awakens your body. 

3. Limit naps during the day. If you need one, nap for 15 minutes, anything longer than that will make it difficult to fall asleep at night.

4. Take a warm bath and use calming essential oils (lavender, and chamomile)

5. Make sure your room is at the idea temperature (not too hot not too cold)

6. Drink a warm glass of milk or a cup of chamomile tea

7. Turn off the tv and computer. This will keep you awake, not help you sleep.

8. Read a boring book

9. Meditate

10. Count sheep

yoyo271 | Student

Well, every person has a differant way to fall asleep, however, the top ten ways must be:

1. Counting sheep 

2. Having a warm bath before bed (Preferably with a sent such as lavender)

3. Simply closing your eyes 

4. Reading a book (Not too humorous)

5. A cup of hot chocolate or warm milk

6. Meditation

7. Listening to calming music

8. Thinking about your day 

9. A comfort toy always helps (Such as small blankets or 'Teddys'

10. If your reaally desperate for a snooze, sleeping pills are a last resort 


Hope this helped! :-)


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