What are the top ten countries of the world in terms of population size? Also, what are the growth rates of these 10?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The exact numbers of worldwide population might not be something that varies from site to site to an extent.  Yet, the general idea seems to be intact.  The site I pulled this data from includes potential projection into the next forty years as well as population from last year.  You can start doing the calculations as to where their growth rates are in terms of percentages.  The top 10 nations of population have a particularly strong resonance with the Asian continent.  China leads the lot with a population of 1,338, 612, 698 people.  India takes second and the United States takes third, with respective counts of 1,156,897,766 and 307, 212, 123 individuals.  It is here were one can see a fairly significant drop between the top two populous nations and the third placed one.  This makes the idea that the largest two markets for businesses are located in China and India, ensuring that these two nations will play a large role in the world economic stage of the future.  Indonesia, Brazil, and Pakistan are the next three, along with Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia, and Japan rounding out the top 10.  Again, one is struck with the idea of European nations not be well represented and Asian nations driving the lot of the top 10.