What is the top of scientific discoveries from 2009 ?

giorgiana1976 | Student

1)Ardi, the oldest human ancestor

Fingers long and elegant,as the pianist, the stature of a hobbit (maximum 1.2 m) and a head similar to that of a baboon. It is Ardi, the oldest hominid ever discovered. Ardi's skeleton has been reconstructed from more than 100 pieces found in Ethiopia, since 1992. Ardipithecus ramidus (Ardi, for short) was bipedal, lived in forested areas, to 4.4 million years ago and remained in full anonymity until a paleontological team, led by Tim D. White of the University Berkeley in California, that reconstituted rocks and has published the discovery in Science magazine in October 2009.

2) There is water on the Moon

"There is water on the Moon", announced scientists in November. On October 9, NASA used a missile to create a hole with a diameter of 30 meters in surface moon.The remnants of the explosion  revealed  water vapor and ice. Some scientists argue that there is enough water on the Moon as to support a future colony of scientists and astronauts. Others say that the water deposits from the Moon offers valuable clues about solar system formation.

3)Teleportation is possible

Researchers at the Joint Quantum Institute in Maryland,were able,  this year, to successfully teleport an atom, positioned in a container controlled and monitored, into another container, at one meter away.The process, in fact ,entails the disappearance of the atom from one location and cloning it elsewhere,the host atom  taking over all characteristics of disappeared atom. Application of scientists in Maryland is still  capital to develop ultra-fast computers.

4)Gene therapy to restore the sight

A team of ophthalmologists from the University of Washington has succeeded in an experiment. They injected into the eyes of monkeys unable to distinguish colors, genes that produced proteins that have made primates to perceive red and green colors for the first time. Based on this treatment, scientists announced the disappearance of glasses, prophesied that in the near future, they will cure any defect, including blindness from birth.

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