What are the top facts about George Washington in the American War for Independence?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is one “top fact” that is more important than any other with regard to George Washington and the American War of Independence.  That fact is that Washington was the most important American leader during that time.  There was no president or other chief executive in the American government at that time.  Washington was the leader of the military and therefore he was the most important single individual on the American side during the war.

At this time, the American government was under the Articles of Confederation which did not set up a national chief executive.  Therefore, there was no president to serve as a civilian leader for the whole rebellion.  Washington essentially became the leader of the rebellion when Congress appointed him as commander in chief of the military.  It was under Washington’s leadership that the Revolutionary War was fought and won. 

Thus, the most important fact about Washington with regard to the Revolution is that he was the most important American leader once the rebellion turned into a war.

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