What tools and supplies did they take on thier expidition to retrieve the treasure?

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Because they have to travel a little ways, they pack up quite a bit of gear to take with them so that they will have what they need to dig out the pipes and bring them back.  Their supplies include a canvas tent, sleeping bags, a camp stove, grocery bags filled to the brim with mostly canned food, crates of bottled sodas, loaves of white bread, a couple cartons of moon pies (if you don't know what these are you ought to take a trip south to find out at some point), matches, a wheelbarrow and of course the tools they will also need, shovels, picks, and even a sledghammer.  It is a good thing they have all this equipment too once they realize that they are going to have to go through ten or more feet of compacted rail bed to get at the drainage pipe.

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