What tool would you use to observe cell division?  

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There are a few different methods one might use to observe cell division, but these all incorporate the use of a microscope of some kind. A microscope is an optical device which uses lenses and light to allow an individual to observe samples of material in a highly magnified form. Magnification may be hundreds or thousands of times stronger and more focused than unaided human vision, making this a great tool to observe cellular activity. Sometimes, a standard microscope doesn't give the precise results a scientist or student hoped it would. In such cases, fluorescent microscopes or contrast microscopes may be used. Fluorescent microscopy uses a much more powerful light source than a standard microscope and can accentuate 3-D features of samples that might otherwise look flat. Contrast microscopy (also called phase-contrast microscopy) changes the way light is refracted on observed samples and allows for more precise observation of cellular changes. 

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