What are the tones and attitudes in Sylvia Plath's "Daddy"? 

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The tone in this poem is abrasive, discordant, brutal, yet also petulant. It is a very disturbed and disturbing portrayal of a father and daughter relationship; a relationship wholly divested, it appears, of any kind of human warmth. The attitude of the poet is that, as a daughter, she feels like a victim. She pours out a stream of abuse upon the father, using dark imagery of Nazism and vampirism to portray his character. Her voice comes across not only as ranting but also positively childish at times, with words like 'Achoo' and 'gobbledygoo', and a repetitive, almost banal rhyme ending in the vowel sound '-oo' which occurs in most lines of almost every verse and takes on, perhaps, the insistently simplistic air of a nursery-rhyme.

At times, too, the speaker's voice becomes almost inarticulate with her pent-up bitterness and rage, for instance descending into the...

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