What is the tone of "Wellfleet Sabbath"?

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While elsewhere one may note tones of irony or even anger and also tentativeness in Piercy’s poems, here the dominant mood is one of satisfaction. Among words for the outdoors that suggest calm and serenity are “softly feathered,” “sailing free,” “purrs and rolls over,” and “fresh clean night,” for these indicate a metaphorical aura of benign Nature and domesticity. One need look no further than the fourth stanza for the same interior mood. Dinner candles flicker between the phlox (a bouquet) and the roast chicken, illumined also by shining red wine. The key word is “Shekinah” suggesting that the divinity manifesting itself in the external world (of the summer day in Wellfleet) is also present in the internal world of the Sabbath where the presence of divinity is being celebrated.

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