What is the tone of voice used in Beasts of England and Comrade Napoleon?

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The tone of voice used in the song "Beasts of England" is joyful, promising, and inspiring. The words depict a beautiful landscape and carefree atmosphere, where every animal roams freely and does not suffer under tyrannical human masters. The words present a pleasant picture of a future when animals vanquish the remnants of their oppressive lives and are finally able to enjoy the relaxing natural environment in peace. There is also a tone of hope and optimism in the lyrics and the tune instantly becomes the most popular song on the farm.

In contrast, Minimus' song "Comrade Napoleon" has a tone of reverence, praise, and adoration. The song "Comrade Napoleon" is a celebration of Napoleon's leadership and an ode to his benevolence and greatness. The lyrics describe Napoleon's majesty by referring to him as a "fountain of happiness" and describing how his awe-inspiring gaze causes the animals' souls to burn with reverence. The song "Comrade Napoleon" evokes a sense of devotion and loyalty to their supreme leader instead of inspiring a sense of hope like the song "Beasts of England."

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In Animal Farm, the tone of Beasts of England reflects its purpose: it is stirring and enthusiastic, as a means of encouraging the animals to come together and overthrow Man, their sworn enemy. This upbeat and positive tone is reinforced by words like "bright," "joyful" and "shine."

While the tone of Comrade Napoleon is equally lively, there are some key differences to consider. The voice of Comrade Napoleon is submissive and obedient and this is demonstrated through the use of words like "faithful" and "commanding." In employing this type of tone, the song implies that the animals cannot survive without Napoleon's support, as we see in the following lines:

Thou are the giver of

All that thy creatures love.

In contrast, Beasts of England emphasises the equality and resourcefulness of all animals:

And the fruitful fields of England,

Shall be trod by beasts alone.

In creating this stirring tone, Beasts of England inspires the animals to rebel against Mr Jones while Comrade Napoleon simply emphasises their inferiority.

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