What is the tone and theme of "Legacy II" by Leroy V. Quintana?

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In any poem, tone is the poet's attitude towards the subject. As such, the tone of Legacy II is one of regret. The poet feels that he lacks the wisdom his grandfather had been blessed with when he was alive.

The poet describes his grandfather as a "quiet man" who "talked about simple things" when he still lived. He reminisces about the time when his grandfather taught him the names of the four directions in Spanish. At the time, it had seemed like such a simple, pointless lesson to the poet, but he now regrets that he never learned the true message of the lesson. His grandfather was trying to teach him that, in life, every man must know where he is and where he's headed. This awareness is imperative for his survival and his happiness in an uncertain world. Thus, the theme of the poem is that, to be successful in life, a man must know who he is (his roots and personal values) and what he aims to achieve.

The poet realizes that, in order to gain wisdom, he must go back "to the center of the world/ where Grandfather stood/ that day." In order to navigate life successfully, he must revisit his roots, try to understand who he is, and aim to use the important lessons his grandfather had taught him.

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