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What is the tone of the poem "Ode to American English" by Barbara Hamby?

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The tone of Barbara Hamby's "Ode to American English" could be described as affectionate and whimsical, with a hint of nostalgia.

The entire poem is essentially a list of American English words and phrases which the narrator particularly enjoys. The British are much too proper, too cultured, and this narrator wants to hear something else. 

Oh, the English 
know their delphiniums, but what about doowop, donuts, 
Dick Tracy, Tricky Dick? With their elegant Oxfordian 
accents, how could they understand my yearning for the hotrod, 
hotdog, hot flash vocabulary of the U. S of A.

Notice the alliteration and the onomatopoetic words, words that just trip off the tongue and bring delight just in the saying.

It is more than just words, though. She misses...

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