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What is the tone of "No news From Auschwitz" by AM Rosenthal?

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A.M. Rosenthal's article "No News From Auschwitz" was written in 1958 to create awareness about what was sadly going on in the location of one of the most horrifying concentration camps that ever existed during World War II, Auschwitz, a mere fourteen years after the end of the War. 

at Brzezinka, in the ruins of the gas chambers and the crematoria the Germans blew up when they retreated, there are daisies growing. 

Using irony, paradox and rich description as main literary devices, Rosenthal indirectly juxtaposes the "then and now". He represents the "now" using illustrations that greatly and almost grossly contrast with those that took place just 14 years previously. The entire narrative is ironic in both tone and...

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