What is the tone of book 3 in fantine? 

paiblauer | Student

In Book Three of “Les Miserables,” Fatine and Tholomyes’s exchanges are characterized by a quick dialogue that is humorous. The predominant tone in this section of humor. Hugo employs humor to illustrate Fatine’s naiveté and her unfamiliarity with her surroundings. Though she is often quiet and tacit, as the story progresses, she becomes more of an important character. In Book 3, Fatine does not pick up on her comrades’ humor and joking and she misreads her relationship with Tholomyes. Tholomyes jokes that he is in loves with her, but Fatine believes his love is true, and she gives herself to him. Fatine is not able distinguish between jest and sincerity, which reinforces her inexperience and innocence.