What are Tom's, Laura's, & Amanda's obstacles (problems) and escapes in the Glass Menagerie?Act 1 - Scenes 1-3 alot of information please paragraph for each character

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tom's problem was that he could not find himself, nor his place in society, was overall disillusioned with life and his life prospects and he just had nothing in common with his mother and sister. He was supposed to protect them and be the male figure of the family, but he certainly did not want to play the part. His escapades were to go to the movies and idle a couple of hours away submerged in fantasy and imagination.

Laura's problem was not only her limping around, but also that she was a social outcast, terribly overprotected by her mother, and also too shy to establish any kind of conversation. Her way to escape was by collecting those little animals made out of glass, to which she dedicates most of her time and spirit. So much that when her unicorn accidentally fell and broke, it was a metaphor of her broken spirit.

Amanda's problem was the inability to change, let go of the past, and move on. She was stuck to her good old days in the South when she was a belle receiving gentlemen callers. She sees that she cannot vicariously re-live her youth through her daughter because, unlike her, her daughter is not a belle, is an outcast, and will never be normal. Hence, her escape is to consistently bring up the past, and keeping it very much alive in constant conversations about it.

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