What are Toby and Ken's mother's names in The Egypt Game?

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Readers do not find out the first names of those two characters. Toby's last name is Alvillar, and Ken's last name is Kamata. The parents of both of those boys are always referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Alvillar and Mr. and Mrs. Kamata. This makes perfect sense based on the narrative point of view. The narrative point of view is third person. However, it is not omniscient. The narrative point of view is very focused on the children, and it is especially focused on April and Melanie. Readers get insights that the kids are making, and we are very aware of the world from their perspective. Consequently, adults are not peers. Therefore, adults are always a Mr. or Mrs. "somebody." That might sound old-fashioned to some modern-day readers, but a modern reader needs to remember that the book was published in 1967.

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Toby and Ken are sixth-grade boys whom April and Melanie eventually allow to join the Egypt game. Readers don't find out much about the boys' mothers in the book. Toby's father, Mr. Alvillar, had been a graduate student and now made sculptures from used materials. He is the one who comes up with Toby's costume idea as the "box man," or the "New American," and after Halloween he puts Toby on restrictions for having squashed the costume. Ken's father, Mr. Kamata, is a real estate agent. He sells quite a few properties in the area, so he is able to purchase Halloween costume items, such as a mask and monster hands and feet. Mr. Kamata is one of the fathers who chaperones the group of children on Halloween. If you needed to have names for the boys' mothers, assuming they have mothers, you could just refer to them as Mrs. Alvillar (Toby's mother) and Mrs. Kamata (Ken's mother). 

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