What are the titles of English magazines in the 1920s?

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Country Life was one of the most popular British magazines of the 20th century, and it is still in existence, entering its 115th year of weekly publications. As its title implies, the magazine is primarily concerned with British rural life and country living, concentrating on topics such as architecture, gardening, hunting and animals. Founded in 1897, the magazine launched its own website in 1999 (www.countrylife.co.uk).

The London Magazine had its roots in the 18th century, founded in 1732. After surviving as a literary magazine for nearly a century, it folded in 1829 before reemerging in 1900; despite a series of closures and renamings (as The New London Magazine and The London Magazine), it still exists today as London Magazine

The Gentleman's Magazine was the very first periodical to use the term "magazine" in its title. Founded in 1731, it ran for nearly two centuries, folding in 1922. It was the first paid writing stop for author Samuel Johnson.

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