What is "Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments Act"? I'm doing a paper on women's education. Can someone tell me what does this Act have to do with it, please.

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Today, Title IX is one of the most famous pieces of legislation that has to do with gender equity in education.  This title was meant to ensure that educational institutions that received aid from the federal government would have to treat men and women equally.  This law did not provide any money to educational institutions.  Instead, it simply ordered them to treat men and women equally.

This law continues to be famous today because it ordered that institutions treat men and equally when it came to school sports programs.  Before Title IX, there were very few girls'/women's sports programs in high schools or colleges.  What programs there were were badly funded.  Title IX ordered equal treatment for men and women, leading to the boom in girls'/women's sports that has lasted to the present.

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