What tissues do Bryophytes lack?

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Bryophytes do not have any internal water-bearing body structures. This non-vascular structure does not allow moss to grow large in size. They are non-woody and the stem, branches and leaves are not differentiated into three separate levels. Though some species of bryophytes can grow to a relatively large size, most of them are quite small.

Bryophytes do not have flowers which subsequently does not allow them to have seeds, fruits or cones. The plant cells in mosses are haploid in nature. Only for a short period of time some diploid tissue is created to allow the plants to reproduce.

Bryophytes also lack roots that serve the purpose of absorbing nutrients and water. The roots in mosses are only for anchorage. The absorption of nutrients and water is done through the leaves.

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they lack vascular tissues i.e. xylem and phloem.thats why they are known as the lower plants.

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