What is Timothy's family background in The Cay?

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When Phillip asks if he hails from Africa, Timothy admits that he has no knowledge of any family roots in "Afre-ca," and that he never knew his "fatha or my mut-ther." Timothy was an orphan who was brought up by one Hannah Gumbs, and he lives in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. This made Timothy an American, Phillip told him, though Timothy "never gave it much thought." Timothy was also not sure of when he was born, only that he was now "Lil' more dan sixty." He had sailed "all d'islan's" of the Caribbean, and he had "no recollection o' anythin' 'cept dese islan's."

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Timothy does not offer extensive information about his background.  He says that he was an orphan raised by a woman named Hannah Gumbs.  He has been working since he was very young on fishing boats and on different islands in the West Indies.  He was not fomally educated but has a lifetime of valuable experience that ultimately keeps Philip alive.

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Timithoy back ground is he doesparent or not remeber his age ,or where he was boren this is beacuse he might have memory isues

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