What are the timing issues for market entry in e-business and how do companies address them?

Expert Answers
farouk23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The timing issues for market entry in e-business are similar to those for any kind of business; however some of the issues may have specific aspects that may only affect e-businesses. Market entry timing is a deliberate effort made towards the introduction of a product or service into a particular market. Issues that need to be addressed when timing an entry into a particular market segment are: 

  1. Brand identity
  2. Customer Loyalty
  3. Distribution Channels
  4. Size of investment
  5. Control and availability of resources 

An e-business would also have to consider what their market position would be at the time of entry, will they be:

  1. A Pioneer  – First to market
  2. Late Arrival 
  3. Strategic entrant – Time their market entry based on deep market analysis and market demand considerations.