At what time of year does Gene return to Devon to visit? What atmosphere, or mood, is created by setting the story during this season? What do Gene's descriptions of the season suggest about his state of mind?

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Gene returns to Devon in late fall, at the end of November. It was

a raw, non-descript time of year, toward the end of November, ... [a] wet, self-pitying November day.

The emotionally charged words with which he refers to the weather clearly indicate his mood: ""raw," "self-pitying," "moody."

He notes as well that this kind of weather is rare in Devon. The upcoming winter will probably have an "icy clamp."

In attributing the qualities to the weather, he seems to dissociate them from himself, as if giving an objective description. In the passage about the time of year, he only mentions himself once, and as object rather than subject: "it blew... all around me."

As he mentions summer as "radiant" it seems his memory of the past might have that quality as well. Indeed, when he reaches the big tree, he thinks first of some glorious moments.

Walking through campus, however, and especially through the soggy playing fields, the wet weather catches up with him. His own moody largely matches that of...

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