What time is it when Travis gives Mama the hat?

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The entirety of the play occurs over the course of one month.  The scene in which Travis gives Mama the hat (and when the family surprises Mama with new gardening tools) takes place near the end of that time.  

Act I occurs over the course of a weekend, Friday and Saturday mornings.  In that time, the family discusses the insurance check that is set to arrive on Saturday, creating the tension in the play.  Act II, scene I starts on that same Saturday but then moves forward two to three weeks ahead in Act II, scene II.  In the course of that time, Mama puts a down payment on the house in Clybourne Park and deals with the hopes and dreams of her children, finally granting Walter Lee the right to the money.  This scene then sets up Act II, scene III, with the family feeling optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead.  Thus it is that the family presents Mama with her gifts on moving day, a week later.  That optimism is soon ruined, however, when the family learns that Willy has run off with the rest of the insurance money, and the family may not be able to move after all.

Act III sums up the play, taking place just hours after the discovery of the missing money.  

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