What is the time setting of Hoot by Carl Hiaasen?

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The simple answer to this question is that Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen, is set in the present day

If we wish to be more specific, we can say that since Hoot was published in 2002, it is set in the present time of which it was written and published (2002). The objects, events, and themes of the novel are still very relevant to our own present day. Therefore, the easiest answer to this question would be that Hoot takes place during present times.   

There are many clues throughout the story that let readers know the novel is set in the present day. A few of these clues include:

1) The existence of cable and television:

Heatedly he banged a mayonnaise smeared fist on the side of the television console, to no avail. The cable had gone out in the middle of a Mother Paula's commercial!  

2) Use of modern colloquial language and slang:

"Hey, you moon somebody and that's it. You get your butt kicked"

"I don't blame you for being p.o.'ed," Roy said. 

3) Use/ existence of computers, Internet, Google, and video games:

The Eberhardts owned a home computer, which Roy was allowed to use for homework assignments and for playing video snowboard games. He was good at browsing the Internet, so with no difficulty he was able to Google up plenty of information about the burrowing owl.

Through the usage and placement of modern language and objects, Carl Hiaasen makes the novel's present day setting easy to detect.

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