In Gary Paulsen's book Dogsong, for what time period was the book written?

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In Gary Paulsen's book Dogsong, the character Russell is the center of the story along with the lead sled dog.  Having seen a Gary Paulsen presentation in person where he talked of his lonely childhood and his methods of surviving alcoholic parents, Russell fits the Paulsen pattern of survival, especially survival in nature.  Dogsong was not written for a specific time period that I am aware of, but rather is a story of a young man who undertakes a dogsled journey to find himself and his spiritual self of the old ways which have almost disappeared in his culture.  The real journey and the dream journey become intertwined until it is difficult to separate which is which.  Paulsen himself has run the Iditarod Alaskan dogsled race twice himself, and talks in his speech about how the isolation and the need to keep the dogs safe from moose attacks work on the driver's mind.  At the end Russell seems to have found what answers he can within his experience and the isolation of nature rather than any specific time period.  The only time period I see is when the Intuit culture is being destroyed by the invasion of outside cultures,

and this is a last attempt to find oneself using the old cultural ways.

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