What is the time period in which Number the Stars by Lois Lowry was written?

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Number the Stars was published in 1989.  It is a historical fiction novel which takes place in Denmark during the 1940s.  The book primarily takes place in the year 1943, though there are flashbacks to earlier years in the 1940s.  The final chapter tells about the events which occurred in 1945.

The story begins in September of 1943.  Denmark had surrendered to the Nazis in 1940.  Annemarie, the main character in the story, deals with life during the Nazi occupation of her country.  She and her family help her best friend, Ellen, who is Jewish.  The story continues through the month of October in 1943.  It is during this time that Ellen and her family escape.  The final chapter of the book takes place in May of 1945.  The author describes the reaction of the Danes as the war comes to a close:

Church bells rang all over Copenhagen, early that May evening.  The Danish flag was raised everywhere.  People stood in the streets and wept as they sang the national anthem of Denmark.

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