What time period does the play "Art" cover in days and weeks?

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This play takes place over the course of one day only.  The audience is introduced to each of the main characters - Serge, Yvan, and Marc - and is also introduced to all of the homes of these characters.  The purpose of this is for character development, so that we can see where they live and better understand their personalities. 

The short time span relates to the simplicity of the play.  What is important is the different perceptions of the characters.  This is why the individual soliloquy's are so prominent in the story.  Like the apartments, these help us to better understand the characters and their perceptions of the artwork and of each other.  To lengthen the time over which the play's events take place would be to diminish the power of impressions the characters are leaving on the audience.  Simplicity allows the message is be concise and strong.