What time period does Rumble Fish take place in?

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Author Susan E. Hinton's third novel (following The Ousiders and That Was Then, This is Now), Rumble Fish was first published in 1975, but Hinton had written most of it much earlier. Parts of the novel had appeared in The University of Tulsa Alumni Magazine in 1968, so the time period of the novel could be anywhere from the mid-1960s to the very early 1970s. Additionally, the novel takes place over about a five year period; the first and last chapters occur in California after the main action of Rumble Fish. There are few contemporary allusions found to give any specific clues to the exact year, but the slang usage--especially concerning drugs--is reminiscent of the late 1960s.

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Where does Rumble Fish  take place?

Rumble Fish takes place in a southwestern town.  It is not clearly identified in the book, but the author has said that it is her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In the work, the characters live on the 'wrong' side of town and most of the action takes place at night.

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