What is the time period covered by Spenser's Amoretti?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Amoretti (Latin for cupids) was written to detail the courting of Edmund Spenser and Elizabeth Boyle (daughter of James Earl--the first earl of Cork).

The period for which Spenser is recognized for writing in is The Renaissance Period, known in England as the Elizabethan Period. This period began in Italy in the 1300s and moved to England, France and Germany in the 1400s. The Renaissance Period ended in the 1600s.

That said, Spenser's text was published in 1595. The writingwas conducted during his courtship of Elizabeth  Boyle. Their courtship began in 1591. They were married in 1594 but that was writen about in the Epithalamoin, the wedding tribute. Given that the text follows their troubled courtship and was published in 1595, the time period covered by the text is 1591-1595.

kankanivarsha | Student

Spencer's Amoretti and Epithalamaion was written during  the time peroid when Queen Elizabeth ruled in England. Amoretti with the theme of courtship.

The Amoretti is thus a wonderful masrterpiece of Spencer. Spencer uses various devices, references, allusions and imageries skilfully.