At what time does Fahrenheit 451 take place?

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The setting of the novel is in a large city in the United States in the 24th century.  Although the story takes place far in the future, Bradbury’s many predictions hold true for today.  He predicted the decline of reading and use of books, inventions such as ear buds, and the decline of a society who places fun and enjoyment over knowledge and learning.  Even the size of TV’s was predicted by Bradbury when he wrote Fahrenheit 451 in the early 50’s.  Wall-size TV’s entertain Mildred and the population of this society much like our big screen televisions do today.  More importantly, Bradbury predicts the decay of society due to political correctness, censorship, and war.  In the book, there are two nuclear wars before the book takes place, and as we know, Montag witnesses the bombing of the city at the end of the novel.  Society has declined into a dystopia that gives up freedom and individuality for fast cars, advanced technology, and the thrill of entertainment.  It is interesting that Bradbury looked far into the future but predicted things throughout the novel that we see today. 

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