In The Time Machine, what time of day and of the month is Weena and the Eloi most afraid of, and why?

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gpane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Weena and the rest of the Eloi are afraid of the night, particularly around the time of the new moon each month, when the nights are darker. The Time Traveller observes of Weena that, while she seems scared of nothing else, ‘darkness was to her the one thing dreadful.’ (chapter 5). In fact the Time Traveller notes that this is ''a singularly passionate emotion' with her and it sets him wondering. He further notes that the Eloi never sleep alone outside after dark, but gather indoors at that time.  At this point of the novel, the Time Traveller is puzzled to observe such abject and overpowering terror; he has no idea what the Eloi, who appear to live in such ease, could be afraid of.

The Time Traveller soon learns the reason for the Eloi’s fear of the dark when he comes upon the Morlocks who venture out of their underground habitat at nights to literally prey upon the Eloi, to use them as food. The Eloi, he comes sadly to realise, are mere ‘fatted cattle’ (chapter 7) for those malign beings. He notes, too, that the Morlocks, being underground-dwellers, appear to be every bit as fearful of the light as the Eloi are of the dark; in this way, the two are completely polarised.