My Brother Sam Is Dead

by Christopher Collier, James L. Collier

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What are Tim Meeker's two jobs in the tavern?

Expert Answers

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My Brother Sam is Dead focuses on the evolution of Tim Meeker as he grows from a young boy, easily accepting what the adults in his life tell him to a thoughtful young man, capable of his own independent beliefs. This evolution occurs throughout the story and is evident in many aspects of Tim's life. One way that Tim's growth is demonstrated is through his responsibilities at the tavern. At the beginning of the novel, the expectation is that Tim will take care of and milk the family cow and chop firewood to warm the tavern. He is also occasionally asked to serve customers in the tavern as well. As the novel progresses, Tim takes on a much larger role in the tavern. When his father goes missing, all of the responsibilities of the tavern are left to Tim and his mother, and as he is growing up, he takes this in stride. On top of taking care of firewood and livestock, Tim also helps his mother with purchasing for and stocking the tavern, taking care of customers, and figuring out what to do when finances become problematic. By the conclusion of the novel, Tim has grown from a boy with a few jobs around the tavern to a young man who is essential to keeping the business afloat.

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