What are the 5R's with the regards to the administration of medication? iam currently doing a medication competency assessment training pack, iam stuck on this particular question. thank you.

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The five R's or the five rights for the patient in receiving medication are as follows:  "1.)Make sure the right patient receives 2) the right, or correct medicine 3) at the right or correct dose 4)through the right and correct procedure 5.)at the right time, in other words when prescribed." The patient must be confident in the medical personnel that are caring for them.  The patient must receive his or her medicine and the medicine should be double checked that it is prescribed for that specific patient. 
One must also be absolutely sure that that patient is receiving the right medicine prescribed.  Should that be administered orally, intravenously, anally or topically?  How must the medicine be given?  How much or how little, how many Mg's or liters?  All of the 5 R's are extremely important for the person giving the medicine and the person getting the medicine.

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