What are three ways that Amir receives redemption in the novel The Kite Runner?

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Amir begins his long quest for redemption when he returns to Pakistan, and then Afghanistan, in June 2001. Meeting with Baba's old friend, Rahim Khan in Pakistan, Amir learns that Hassan is dead; Hassan has a son somewhere in Afghanistan; and that Hassan is actually his half-brother, fathered by Baba and Sanaubar. Amir's step toward atonement comes when he rescues Sohrab from the Taliban while nearly being beaten to death in the process. It is during the beating that Amir...

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1) When Rahim Khan says" There is still a way to be good", Amir goes back. After learning that Hassan is dead and Sohrab is somewhere in Afghanistan, he goes there although he knows that it is not safe for him.

2) When he rescues Sohrab from Afghanistan, he relaxes and feels proud that he has saved Sohrab. He heals his wounds. When he comes to know that there is no couple named Caldwells, although he has not much planned to take Sohrab back, he takes him back.

3) In America, he pays maximum attention to Sohrab. He runs kites for him, as Hassan did for him.

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