What are three ways technology (internet, cell phones, computers) can play a role in forming or maintaining relationships?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Technology can do a lot toward forming and maintaining relationships in today's computer world. Computers and the Internet can be used very effectively for forming relationships as people meet online in various venues--the obvious on being online dating services though meeting during telecommuting or teleconferencing is a significant possibility--and feel free to express themselves in a basically unpressured, unnuanced environment (as opposed to a party, a nightclub, or an in-office conference). This is especially true as most computers are now equipped with video cameras that allow for real-time video phoning, e.g., Skype, Google G-Mail, and videoed social networking.

Phones and computer real-time chat systems are excellent for maintaining relationships. While there is much that can be misused in these technologies that can, as a result of misuse, isolate people rather than draw them together, there is a great advantage in being able to send text messages, chat, and speak on the phone at a moments notice. An emotional connection can be fostered and maintained around short messages that are designed to leave a pleasant, warm feeling or to establish meeting times or check in on health, projects or upcoming engagements.

amysor | Student

Technology plays a huge role in relationships today. There online dating services such as eHarmony that form relationships. Cell Phones help relationships to keep in contact constantly. Although, relationships are more public due to the internet social media services which sometimes can end up causing other people trying to interfere.