What three ways did Animal Farm not live up to Old Major's goals?

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Old Major hoped for three things in vain:

  1.    that all animals would be comrades (working together in solidarity towards a common goal)                                    
  2.    that all animals would be equal (treated with common respect and possessing the same rights, including enjoyment  of the fruit of their labour)
  3.    that no animal would ever resemble man (by adopting his habits or taking on his vices)
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The main way Old Major's predictions and goals fail to reach fruition is that his dream was an animal world where all animals--even rats--were considered equals.  They do reach a world where animals live with and for each other, but the motto doesn't stay "All animals are equal."  It morphs to "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."  The pigs obviously believe that because of their intellect, they are above and beyond all other animals.  This is a major flaw in the goals Old Major had in mind.

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The major predicts that the humans will sell off the animals (Boxer) when they are finished with their working life; the pigs do that.  He says that only humans consum ewithout producing; the pigs do that.  He says that all animals are equal and that no animal should every tyrannize the other animals; the pigs do that.

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